There are four types of management in commercial real estate and Vista Commercial Advisors delivers on all four.

Asset Management

Strategic planning prior to and during ownership will result in a favorable ROI. We assist in creating clear concise goals and putting the team in-place to execute the plan.

Real Estate Planning
Financial Analysis
Long Term (Life of the Hold Period) Planning
Due Diligence Services
Property, Construction, and Project Management Oversight.
Leasing Oversight.
Comprehensive Lease Proposal Analysis and Recommendation.
Capital and Operating Budget Review.
Financing (acquisition and refinance).
Property Tax Value Appeals.
Tenant Retention Programs.

Project Management

The fun begins with the start of a large in-depth project. The project is only as successful as the team that assists in the creation and completion.

Planning and Programing the Requirement.
Square Footage Optimization and Analysis.
Site and Building Evaluation.
In-Depth Discovery and Due Diligence.
Site and Building Selection.
Initial Test-Fit Analysis.
Space Planning.
Scheduling and Budgeting.
Construction Management.
3rd Party Vendor Referrals and Coordination.
Furniture Procurement.
Relocation Management.
Company Transition Event Management.
All Tours Are Broker Escorted.

Property Management

Without proper day-to-day management, it is very difficult for an owner to achieve the desired results in property appreciation and a successful leasing campaign.

Create an annual strategy.
Annual Budgets.
Tenant Summaries (lease review and interview).
Tenant Reports (lease rights, problem area, etc.).
Tenant Relationship and Retention.
Regular Site Visits and Property Tours.
Bidding of all Maintenance Contracts.
Control of Operating Costs (lowest bid is not always better).
Supervising of all 3rd Party Contractors.
Emergency Contact 24/7.
Rent Collection.
Monthly Invoicing.
End of Year Reconciliation (with regular reviews for Budget vs Actual).
Cash or Accrual Reporting.
Monthly Reports (Physical and Financial).
Online Access to All Reports.

Construction Management

Defining the scope of a project and creating a competitive platform to achieve the desired financial and end results requires years of experience and industry contacts that our team has spent considerable time building.

Kick-off meeting with all 3rd Party Contractors.
Establishing a Timeline.
Budget Overview.
Value Engineering.
Weekly Meetings with Entire Team.
Frequent Analysis of Actual Comparison to Budget.
Overseeing the Scheduling of Contractors with Timeline and Order of Operation.
Verification of In-Progress Goals.
Final Walk-Through.
Punch List and Final Close Out of Project.

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