Looking for a new location for your business or company?
Vista will provide a full analysis of your options in the market that meet your requirement.
We handle all sizes of transactions.
Corporate Relocations, Medical, First Location, etc.

Tenant and Buyer Representation

Representing a tenant in a lease negotiation is our way of leveling the playing field on behalf of our clients (you). We pride ourselves in becoming part of your team during this mission critical process and exceeding your expectations until the project is completed. Through our combined 77 years of tenant and buyer representation experience, we accomplish our goals by following a proven methodology combined with our ability to integrate with your operating procedures and company culture.

Overview of Current Facility (lease, comparison to market, etc).
Define Goals (i.e. growth, cost, flexibility, budget, etc).
Creation of a Timeline.
Market Study (property search and evaluation).
Program Optimization Study (space planning analysis).
Site Selection Criteria (location to employee base, access, public transportation, etc.).
Request for Proposal Submittal.
Lease/Sale Negotiation.
Transaction and Transition Management.

[1] John F. Kennedy

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